​Crystalene Pro Auto Glass Repair Resin
Advanced chemical technology designed for optimum results.

Auto Glass Repair Technologies LLC, a division of RF Technologies, is a chemical Research & Development company dedicated to maximize the performance of glass repair resins while providing safety for the user.

Our resins offered in three viscosities cover the complete range of windshield repair.  Crystalene Pro offers advantages over acrylic resins used by most other suppliers.

Crystalene Pro Resins have very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) resulting in essentially no odor, contain no carcinogenic chemicals as listed in California Prop 65.  Acrylic acids have been demonstrated to cause tumors, adverse blood affects and dermatitis on skin contact.

Crystalene Pro Resins exhibits a high refractive index for clarity, very high tensile strength, will not yellow and most importantly are safe and easy to use.

The curing process, Crystalene Pro Resins, is not inhibited by oxygen in the atmosphere as do most other resins and will not shrink and pull away from the repaired surfaces. Plastic squares required with other resins are not needed when using Crystalene Pro, thus reducing cost, and saving time.

All Crystalene Pro Resins have a 12 month shelf life, and 30 to 50 repairs can be performed per half ounce (15ml) bottle.

Crystalene Pro Resins can be cured by UV lamp or direct sunlight! 


Crystalene Pro Resin Exceeds All International Standards
Clear Vision to The Future
Great Ideas From Auto Glass Repair Technologies R&D Labs

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